Sunday, February 18, 2018

What I'm Reading, Part 1

This week, across 6 flight segments, I read "Lord Grizzly" by Fredrick Manfred. It is a novelized account, drawing on many sources, of Hugh Glass' ordeal in South Dakota territory after having been mauled by a grizzly. Some of you may have seen the movie, The Revenant, which is based on the same story. 

Manfred's style is engaging, and carries the reader along. His research, detailed in his daughter's introduction to the book, greatly adds to the authenticity of his writing. As one of five tomes in Manfred's "Buckskin Tales" series, Lord Grizzly captures the spirt of the American west in the early 1800s, and also speaks to human experiences of struggle, suffering, redemption, and forgiveness. Highly recommended.

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